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Frequently asked questions

When to call your converyancer?

As early as possible! Not all property transactions are the same; some are more detailed than others. So, the sooner your conveyancer is apprised of your needs the sooner to get all the paperwork prepared and ready for the big day.
Short answer: as soon as you decide to sell or buy contact your conveyancer.

What to tell your conveyancer?

Explain your circumstances in detail: the property you are planning to sell/buy …. the finance implications of the transaction (if any) …. any critical timelines that will have a bearing on the successful completion of the transaction …. It’s best to know this information at the start of the relationship.

What to ask your conveyancer?

How long until settlement of the transaction? What fees and charges are involved in conveyancing? Will there be any additional costs if extra services are required? How will I be kept informed of progress?

Checklist for the Meeting

Remember to bring …

  • Title deeds (if you are a vendor)
  • Written details of any covenants, restrictions, etc on the property for sale
  • Any other relevant legal documents pertaining to the property and ownership of the property

BUYERS need to bring appropriate identity documents to confirm their bona fides …. confirmation from a bank/finance house (if necessary) that funds are confirmed for the purchase of the property …. any other relevant documents pertaining to the purchase of the property.